Todays (07/01/18) Wilts Border Kington Cup Trial Results

Good evening all,

Theresa has sent over todays Results which are here Wilts Border Kington Cup Trial Results 070118 for you.

We had thought of popping over to observe but it seemed a very strong cold wind so we decided against it. A quick count made 35? of you, and by the look of it it was not too hard but able to take marks from everyone with the Class winners Richard Fry losing 1 on the Main route & Michael Maslin dropping twice as many (2!) on the alternative route. I’d noticed Paul Hearn rode the Kingswood trial a week or two ago, but he found the 4 laps of eight sections tough by the look of it. Pleased to see some other visitors to the Centre including Lee Wiggins, Bret Harbud, Reynard Norris, and a new name to me, Youth B rider Harry Rayner-Lovejoy and also Steve Usher having a rare outing.


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