NSMSC Richard Sage Electrical T/trial Results. Final 2017 Centre Trials Championship Tables.

Good morning all,

Here are Sundays NSMSC Richard Sage Electrical T/trial results: NSMSC Richard Sage T Trial results 171217, & Jerry Walters says “Results of yesterday’s rescheduled North Somerset Club Richard Sage Electrical Time Trial are attached for the website.

The Scars Wood, Lulsgate course was in a much drier condition than it had been 7 days earlier…for the first few laps. However it wasn’t long before the onset of rain started to make the course, and some of the observed sections very challenging.                  Best regards, Jerry”

Editors note, you’ll see a disqualification in the Results, which is unusual! Paul Manning, as Secretary of the Meeting, had to disqualify himself as he’d had machine troubles & changed machines mid event!

The Final 2017 Centre Trials Championship Tables are here: Final Champ Tables 2017  Thanks, as usual, to Pete Dury who makes these happen for us throughout the year

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