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Good morning all from Scott Trial Country,

Congratulations to Tom Culliford, comfortably gaining a Finishers certificate on his first attempt. Even better, he had a round of applause from the large knowledgeable crowd at Bridge End for, i think it was the 2nd clean on the Section. A fine ride to 64th place..

Commiserations to Fred Adams who got no distance at all (in Scott Trial terms) before the rear tyre rolled off the rim, Fred’s a very capable mechanic as well as rider, but couldn’t sort it on site, & we saw him ‘shimmying’ back to the start on the road soon within a mile of the start, after we left the start field. He’d made up a fair number of places too. Very bad luck.

The two Belgian based German first timers Jan Peters & Max Faude both finished, Jan comfortably in time but Max was out by around 20 minutes. I hope we see both of them again next year.

Btw, Dougie was the winner & Ian Austermuhle was R/up

Feet up: Frank


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