Centre Trials Champs Today’s WWMC Errington Cup Results

Good evening all,

Please find todays Results here:  WWMC Errington Cup Trials Champs Results 081017

What a wonderful October day, bright sunshine, although it doesn’t penetrate through the tree canopy at Becky Addie, the woods were remarkably dry & rode ‘well” all day after the fallen leaves were moved off the line. 4 laps of 10 sections with winner Kurt Brain losing 21, including just one 5 all day – in Phyllis’s section 9 on his first lap, he just stopped for no obvious reason! Current Champion Ben Skinner’s first lap didn’t go well with 4 fives & an eventual 5th place finish on 52m/l. Lee Hassall, easing himself back into things after allowing his recent “repair’ plenty of time to heal properly took a good third place on 41 m/l including 3 5’s on section 3  which was cleaned just the once all day by Kurt. Craig Talbot will be pleased I imagine with his R/up finish on 32m/l 17 of them going in that section 3. Two ladies entered, Becky Cook & Chloe Cross, Becky wasn’t having the best of days, & Chloe took a nasty looking tumble downhill in Phyllis’s section on her last lap after having mastered it on her 3rd lap. Henry Pym headed the AB class for a total of 30m/l Merv Walker dropped 8 to take the o50 class pushing Dai Clothier into 2nd place on 13m/l – Dai fived Phyllis’s section on lap one when the sharp left hand turn exit after the downhill drop was at is most tricky, Merv had sized it up & worked out that he could get the front wheel spindle past the ends cards when out of control if he was willing to hit the tree with his right shoulder. Hurt his shoulder a bit but got the clean & the class win.

A great days sport, all finished by 14:00hrs, all sections observed & there were even some regular Observers spare. Thanks to all riders & officials.


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