WWMC – Provisional Tanner Trudge Results – see below

Hello all,

It’s 20:00hrs & the Provisional Award winners are below. Full Provisional Results will be posted when available (tomorrow morning we hope). We’ve had our dinner, & I need to change to light bulb in the boiler cupboard which has just failed – it’s in a heatproof bulkhead fitting which hasn’t been undone since it was put in by the electricians around 35 years ago, & the glass needs ‘persuading’ to part from it’s gasket with a rubber mallet!

Once again West Wilts MC is indebted to friends  from North Somerset MSC for the help they gave us setting up yesterday & clearing up this afternoon. Without them we would most likely be unable to run.

Our thanks to your 12 observers, who were in no particular order, Chris & Ian Nairn, John & Jeff Ballinger, Bob Burt & Nipper Allen, Tom Gerken & Jon Milne, Paul Broadway & Alan Edwards, and Jeff Hillman & Alan Ford. Thanks also to our own Club members for their efforts & Tim our caterer – find him at Bradfords Builders Merchants in Trowbridge

Farleigh Castle Plate: best trials machine – Ricky Hudson – 6m/l on time, 12m/l on observation

R/up – trials machine – Kyle Banks – 12m/l on time, 6m/l on observation

Tie break  necessary  to separate Ricky & Kyle-  first tie breaker was  fastest time.

1st Class Awards, trials machines, “A” Class: Alex Snow 6m/l on time, 15m/l on observation, Jason Hambln 5m/l on time, 26 m/l on observation. “B” Class, No award, “C” class, Luke Smith 37m/l on time, 75m/l on observation.

Girling Plate: best non trials machines, Charlie Frost: – set standard time, 27m/l on observation

R/up non trials machine, Andy Frost 5m/l on time, 30m/l on observation.

1st Class Awards, non trials machines, Tom Smith 6m/l on time 32m/l on observation, 6 m/l on time, Nathan Newman 10m/l on time, 32 m/l on observation.

All award winners completed 9 laps.

Hope you all had a great day & thank you for your the compliments about the event. Thanks also to the Rain God who knew we’d had enough rain before breakfast & just left us all to it for the rest of the day!

That’s it for the moment.

NSMSC Results & Regs will be posted tomorrow Jerry. – Frank


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