Centre “Jobs” – Gazette Editor, Permit Secretary. Trials Champs – Mendip Vale “Traders Trophy” Results & Updated Trials Champ Tables

Here’s a reminder to all, next years Centre AGM will see vacancies for a Gazette Editor & a Permit Secretary.

The Permit Secretary’s task is clearly defined – you need to receive review & approve Permit applications & the Supplementary Regulations & if satisfactory issue the Permits. The present incumbent – Mike Fear – also  arranges the funding, production & printing of our annual Centre Fixture Card.

The Gazette Editor maintains the Centre website by publishing submitted & commissioned information, comment & reports about the sport & riders in the Centre.

The Mendip Vale Traders Trophy Centre Championship Trial results are available here: https://media.wix.com/ugd/2a6b98_b4d0ae01feb145d89a453de5775c7757.pdf   This year the Traders was held on a Saturday, while in recent years  it has usually been  ‘fixed’ in the Centre Calendar on Easter Day. A fairly healthy entry of 53 riders with the 39 finishers doing 3 laps of 15 sections. Expert winner Kurt Brain dropped just 7 in total, 4 of them in Andrea Cottles’ dry section 13, on the top of the valley where he dropped 4 in total finally managing a clean on his third lap! Rivals, Centre Champion & R/up Ben Skinner had just a dab here & 3rd placed Lee Hassall cleaned it each time. Clubman Expert winner, Kevin Hart managed to shed 11 of his total 19m/l here as well, whereas R/up Jon Bees only need a dab in his three visits, so I guess it was quite do-able but you had to get it right! Phyllis Sweetings’ Section 3 down in the slippery valley bottom also took a lot of marks especially in the slick lower part of the climb.

Pete Dury has, as usual, promptly updated his Championship Tables which are available here: 2017 Centre Trials Champs Tables as at 03_04_17


See you soon: Frank

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