Wells John Stait Centre Time Trial Champ Results. A Centre Facebook page?

Good morning all,

Martin Lawford has sent over the John Stait Results yesterday, they are here –  Wells John Stait Centre Champ T:Trial Results 190317  & says:

“Frank, Please find attached Results of yesterdays John Stait Timed Trial, the second round of the Wessex Centre Timed trial championship.

In typical Wessex fashion, the weather ensured that this was a true Wessex Centre Championship round with gruelling conditions from start to finish and only 6 finishers managing the total 7 laps.

Andy Frost was in fine form taking the premier from Jason Hamblin and setting standard time along the way. On his return to the class, Andy Scrivens thrived in the conditions taking the non-trials class win with Tom Smith runner up.

We would like to thank all those who helped clear up the course afterwards. Whilst no one particularly wants to pick up a bag, especially after a tough event, without this help we would not be able to run the events.

Regards, Martin”

Sounds as if it was unpleasant on Mendip – we were lucky, we left home in the drizzle & drove up to the Western Centre Trials Champs Round at Winstone Wood, a venue we’ve never been to. It stayed dry there all day until the drizzle & rain started on the way home! Mike Gunn was Secretary & observing, first time I think we’ve seen him in 30 years & we were able to catch up with what our “boys” are doing now! While walking round Phyllis came across a beautiful fungi we never seen before – Sarcoscypha coccinea, the scarlet elf cup & this morning we were watching a couple of hares lolling around the field  ten to fifteen metres from or bedroom window! Back to trials – Alex Muirhead was out on a Vertigo, Harry Jefferies was a non starter, quite a good Expert entry of 10 starters including the 3 Welch brothers, Kurt & Lee & John Luff.

With a limit of 100 on the entry and good venue the 44 starters was disappointing for the organisers, The National  S3 Parts Championship Round in Wales took away a number of likely entrants & with our own Wessex Centre Championship Round in our Centre Fixture Card for the same day (although we moved & subsequently cancelled our Round) it suggests Fixture co-ordination is more & more important.

At the last Board Meeting, Facebook was discussed as a way of ‘talking’ more directly to you Riders.

Would it be a good idea to establish a Centre Facebook page to let you know the latest Centre news about Events?

If it is a good idea who would be willing to take it on for the Centre?

You know (I think?) the Board exists to promote your Sport – but we all want active riders to get more involved – even fairly informal physical Meetings like the Board are more involvement than most of you seem to want so is exchanging ideas & suggestions on Facebook a better way to get things done?

What do you think – why not get to the next Board Meeting with some ideas & suggestions?



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