Todays Wilts Border Salutation Novice Trial Results

Good evening all,

We went out to the Wilts Border Trial at the Piggeries today, a super little event, only 21 Riders but it seemed as if everyone enjoyed themselves. Better still the early morning rain had stopped & although some of the sections were ‘modded’ before the start, the bank dried in the wind, & the stream hadn’t yet reacted to the rainfall so there were two sections in the stream & 8 up and down the bank. It stayed dry until everyone had finished & then came some rain & hail. A good mix of riders too, 5 or 6 youth riders including Michael Maslin’s lads – David & Edwin & a couple of veter…. ,sorry lets call them experienced, riders – Billy Andrews & Andy Perry. So all ages were there. Some youth riders who we’ve not seen before – Zac & Harvey Ward down from near Ciren. [If you need any wrought iron work done have a look at their Dad’s website –  donkeywellforge ]. Results had been collated & mailed out nice & early – I noticed them in my in-box at ten to six.

The results are here, WBorder Salutation Novice RTCentre Results 050317  Excluding Gareth T, (its a Novice Trial remember) best on the day with 6 marks lost was evergreen Nigel Tomkins and R/up was Dean Hassall on 14m/l. i suspect it was Deans first ride since his nasty work accident & I’m not sure how much clutch control he had. Molly Hassall was out with Mum & Dad another potential observer or rider in a few years time? Section 6 observed by Neil Blackmore proved trickiest with Nigel having a dab each lap (memo to self, lovely to watch a dab taken to ensure you get through rather than struggling to go clean & then footing or worse failing) Dean on the other hand had three’s each lap – which accounts for the 8 mark differential.

Keep your feet up: Frank

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