Todays NSMSC Presidents Trophy Trial Results

Evening all,

Thanks to the smart work of the Results Team: here are todays Centre Championship Trial Results nsmsc-presidents-trophy-271116

Quickly summarising, it was Kurt, Ben & Lee in the Experts with 25,29,32 marks lost respectively. My unofficial Expert Champ update positions reckons Kurt now has 27, but Ollie still has 59, Lee is up to 52 & Ben is up to 50. With the Knut to come it’s still all to play for!

Todays Clubman Expert was even closer, Henry Pym won on 14 with Kevin Hart R/up on 15.

It’s bedtime!


ps congrats to Jason Hamblin who won theTrials class Time Trial Championship last week. We will publish the Final Points Table as soon as it’s available

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