Todays WWMC Centre Champ Errington Cup Trial Results, 5 daft Southerners

Hello all,

here they are Todays Results: wwmc-errington-cup-091016-results

Thanks for supporting the West Wilts Trial today, I think you all enjoyed yourselves? Ben Skinner was the man today topping the Expert runners on 17m/lost. Lee Hassallwas R/Up on 24. Ben went 3, clean, clean dab in my Section 8 against Lee’s 3, 2, 5, 1. Best on the Section though was A/B winner Barry Male with clean, 1, 2, clean, [A/B riders were on the A route in Section 8] who parted with just 22 in total. Tony Hewitt pushed him though on 26 & Henry Pym was 3rd A/B on 28. Best B was Dean Bines on31 with R/Up Peter King on 37. Zac King was best C on 24, & Andy Chivers riding No 40 lost 40 marks to be R/Up. The biggest class Entry were the O/40s where Mark Talbot came out top, besting James Dean by the most cleans tiebreak both of them dropping 7 marks. Richard Elliott was 3rd in class on 8, having said a few rude words when he followed an O/50 deviation on his first ride at Section 6 & was promptly given his five! Dai Clothier topped the O/50’s on a total of 4 marks lost in Sections 8, 9 & 10 , with a dab, a double dab & dab from Mike Cox on 19.

Thanks to Brian Shuttleworth, your CofC, Chris Kelly your Secretary of the Meeting, & all the Observers: Nipper Allen, Theresa Talbot, Andy Humphris/Dave Payne, Phyllis & Frank Sweeting, Ian Shuttleworth helped by Lottie Ian Nairn,  Mandy Jefferies, Dean Hassall & Chris Kelly doubling up on Section 10

There was just the 1 “daft Southern Centre rider’ with us today, Roger Johns, why daft? When you are over 60 riding the Scott Trial doesn’t sound the smartest thing to do, but with 4 other “daft guys”,  Kevin Hart, Barry Roads, Paul Anstey & Ray Haslam they’ve all entered this years Scott Trial. In view of their age & experience they have decided they wouldn’t try to enter as individuals, but as a team, a Charity Team. Any offers of Sponsorship would be welcome, as they ride to raise Funds for Mark Adams, who was diagnosed with a pancreatic cancer on Mothers Day. Mark has chosen to adopt a natural healthcare approach, but as the disease has become more aggressive, he needs to pay for some private treatment. As a self employed Dad with a wife & a 6 year old things are tough & any donations will go towards his treatment. You can help by donating at this website: or contact any of the Team directly

See you soon: Frank

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