Wells Miller Cup Trial Results, Officials Licencing: A Cautionary Tale date Change for Swindon Brian Freegard Trial

Good morning all,

Jerry Cross has sent over the Wells Clubs’ Miller Cup Trial Results, despite the dreadful weather it was very obviously a most successful Event, as ~ Jerry says

“Hi Frank, Miller Cup Results attached.

Despite the torrential rain during signing on and the first hour of the event we had a good turn out of 63 riders and some travelled a ways such as Chichester, Luton and Didcot. We had a good mixture of riders, 11 experts, lots of youngsters and 5 girls. Even had an abundance of observers. Have to mark out more sections next year!

A huge thank you is in order to everyone who helped run the event in difficult conditions. [my italics – Ed.]

Regards Jerry”    Revised  Results are here:  Results Miller Cup 030116.xls         & on the RESULTS Page

It’s really good to see a lot of rider input to marking out, & all the Observers acknowledged, it’s also great to see that Riders will come a long way for the event – I guess my earlier comment about Riders waking up, looking at the dreadful weather, & deciding to have a lie in was wrong?

I see that Ben Skinner was R/up Expert – he’s also 2015 Southern Centre Expert Champ by just 2 Champ Points from Brian Francis {January 2016 – The Sporting MotorCyclist}

A Cautionary Tale: Officials Licences, You’ll remember i ran a Trials COC & Stewards Regional Licencing Centre in November? On the 24th actually.

This date was proposed & noted in the September Board Minutes, confirmed in the October Minutes & the Seminar was reported back to the Board & noted in Decembers Minutes. Board Minutes are circulated to all Club Secretaries
The confirmed date was also posted here on the website on 4th October.

So all our Clubs were notified, & it was posted on the website for everyone to see – and it was – as we had delegates based in other Centres attend

Are we all getting a bit slack about these things? I’m aware that some Licence holders whose Licence has just expired didn’t attend, I’m aware that one delegate didn’t Register before attending as requested & I’m aware that 3 delegates Licences haven’t been renewed as they didn’t return the Homework questionnaire.

So, sorry if you had intended to renew your Licence, you’ve missed it!


ps I’m hoping my own Licence will be renewed at the end of this month after I’ve been up to a National Seminar at Rugby.

PPS Last update today! Please note Swindons Brian Freegard Trial will be held on 17th January, and not as per your Fixture Card


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