BSSA Phil Sparkes Trial Results from 27th Dec.

Jan Watkins has sent across the Results of BSSA’s Phil Sparkes Trial which are linked here BSSA Phil Sparkes Trial Results 271215 which from the Class winners scores looked as if it was set out with just about the right severity of the sections following a couple of days of overindulgence(?)

Don’t forget on Friday after another day of overindulgence(?) BSSA have the first of the Alan Brown 2016 Time Trial Series at Lambs Lair. On Saturday you can ride the Wilts Border Trial at the Piggeries – another Trial that won’t be too challenging after the festivities I’m sure

We see Guy Martin has entered the pre65 Scottish this year, although a quick scan of the Entry List shows only Chris Mitchard from our Centre has an entry. John (Trials Guru) & David Moffat are in which reminds me that the Trials Guru web-site has quite a lot more content than the last time I visited. There’s a gallery of Rappers photos of the 1975 World Round at Congresbury which are all B&W – & no-one covering brake & clutch levers with a finger either. Technology marches on eh?

I’m reading a book written by Alex Moulton at the moment in which he describes his professional engineering career in R&D & production. Did you know he had a pre war Scott & a Norton? He also had a post war Vinnie Comet which he modified with a bonded rubber/metal rear suspension that was used as a test bed in place of the original Vincent rear suspension.

That’s it for the moment: hope you’ve all had a good Christmas & will have an excellent New Year.


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