December Board Meeting, AGM Notice, Wells Mike Cornish T Trial Results

Good morning!

There’s a few points from the last Board Meeting you need to be aware of, there’s been an informal approach from Western Centre suggesting a joint Western/Wessex Centres Trials Championship of 6 events, 3 in each Centre, which would be run concurrently with the two Centres own Championship Events, that is 3 events in each Centre’s own Championship would count towards a combined Championship. this may be discussed at a future Comps Committee Meeting. There’s been a Trials Officials Licencing Seminar run at Warmley although not all the Homeworks had been handed in! [‘Pull your finger out guys’ comes to mind – Ed]. The Youth Training Squad programme was discussed. {We know that Tom Culliford is asking riders & parents to send him their contact details to help co-ordinate future planned Training sessions – as reported earlier – Ed}

The Centre Centre Secretary had received a proposal suggesting that the Centre Trials Championship be expanded to include a “Sportsman+ Class” who would ride 50/50 B & C routes & that twin shocks in this class would have both 2 & 4 stroke categories. The proposer suggested this would encourage entries irrespective of a riders ability or machine. After discussion, the Board chose not to change the existing Championship Rules  – as it wasn’t clear that the introduction of the Twin Shock Class into the Championships  for the 2015 had led to the hoped for  increase in entry numbers. It also felt that more Twinshock Classes [4 in total] would simply dilute the existing T/S Championship Class. [The largest T/S entry in the 4 Championship Rounds that included a T/S Class this year attracted 8 entries – Ed]

Please put this date into your Diary/Calendar now: The Centre AGM will be held at Warmley Community Centre on Tuesday 2nd February 2016. Clubs have been invited to submit their Nominations for President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairmen & Hon. Treasurer on or before 6th January.

Here are the revised Mike Cornish TT Results from Sunday 29th November.  Wells Mike Cornish TT, 061215

Any comments/opinions/suggestions about any of the above? Please be in touch – Ed. – It’s Your Sport so your input is welcome


ps: I can’t find the Results sheet for the Southern Experts Trial published anywhere, so all I know from searching & finding 3 ‘Reports’ on the web of Wessex Centre Resident Riders is that Josh & Luke Golding were best Expert S/car [looks like just two Expert outfits?} Lee Hassall was in a 3 way tie for 4th place Clubman Expert, Tom Culliford was 8th & Victoria Payne was also riding that Class. – if anybody has found where the complete published Results are hiding I’d like to know!

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