NSMSC ‘Presidents” Championship Trial Results

Good morning all,

Sorry we didn’t see you all yesterday, i got a cold after being in Manchester last weekend & Phyllis has caught it, so we decided that standing about for maybe 3 hours on the coldest day (?) of the winter so far wasn’t smart, so we stayed at home. Anyway, Jerry Walters has sent over the Results NSMSC Presidents Centre Champs 221115 & reports:

“Results of today’s North Somerset Club Presidents Trophy Trial are attached for the website. I kept a look out for you but you seemed to be well hidden! Ideal weather conditions, a huge entry, and observed sections that seemed to be of just the right severity all made for a very enjoyable event.”

Almost certainly thats the largest entry in this years Championships, was it the weather, the venue, the … ? Who knows? and Sidecars as well!

Good to see former Centre Champion Colin Crease out for a ride, although current Champion Kurt Brain was the comfortable winner with just one dab all day. Twin shock class winner, Kevin Miller was the only rider clean all day so the course plotters {Jerry Cross et al?} had got it it just about right!

I’ll see some of you tomorrow at Warmley – please bring your 2015 Handbook with you, we’ve only got about 5 here, rather than the box full I thought we had!


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