Normal Service is Resumed: Romaniacs Report, NSMSC TT Results – Tattoo Time & GMB Garages events. T&E Licence Renewal for 2016 – 2018 inc.

Good morning all,

We’ve been away again, to Norway to the Saab International 2015 ‘Rally’, we don’t normally do that sort of thing but it was driving some Routes that we’ve done before & we thought we’d go to do them again, together with some other ‘interesting’ roads. Good fun except when SatNav [a new ‘help’ for us] didn’t.

I think I’ve published &/or resolved all the mails received while we were away, if I’ve missed anything please remind me & let me know.

This weekend there is a Scott Owners Club Meet at Uttoxeter [where Alfred went to school] How do I know? That’s because we spoke to a Norwegian on the Hoek van Hollande – Harwich Ferry who has 5 Scotts {& Vinnies etc etc} who was coming over to be there.


So here’s a picture from our holiday: with a Scott Trial connection, here’s the Mardalsfossen

To more local business:  in the order received while we were away.

Heres’s a link to  the NSMSC trip to – well read about it here [click] Romaniacs 2015 Report or read on this Page below, another link to the NSMSC GMB Garages Trophy Results for 29th July NSMSC GMB Garages Trophy TT 290715 – where Jerry comments

“‘Evening Frank,
Hope you’re having a good holiday!
When you get a chance, here are the results of last Wednesday’s North Somerset Club Time Trial for uploading to the website.
A heavy downpour 2 hours before the start necessitated some hasty track alterations to the notoriously slippery Hanham Mills venue, resulting in a very rideable course.
As is often the case in Wessex Centre Time Trials, it was a Hamblin V Frost battle for the premier. But this time it was Charlie Frost (not Andy) who took the glory on his KTM, with an amazing clean sheet on observation and no time penalties. Runner up in the scrambles class was a rejuvinated Tom Smith on his new (to him) TM250, 23 marks behind Charlie. Andy Frost took 3rd place in the scrambles class, a further 3 marks adrift.
Jason Hamblin was best of the trials class, and runner up overall with 5 marks lost on time. “Bingo Ben” Sinclair narrowly clinched the Runner up spot in the trials class on 20 marks lost, just ahead of Martin Lawford on 21 and a trio of riders on 22.

Cheers: Jerry”

A link to the NSMSC Tattoo Time TT Results for 8th of August NSMSC Tattoo Time TT 080815 where Jerry comments

“Evening Frank (if you’re back from holiday yet?!),
Here are the results of yesterday’s North Somerset Club 90 minute Time Trial, which was held at Frys Bottom Lane, Chelwood.
Jason Hamblin was the overall winner again, with Paul Manning and Andy Scrivens taking 2nd and 3rd places respectively in the Trials class.
In the Scrambles class the familiar Frost v Frost battle continued, with Charlie beating Andy for the second event in a row.  A rapidly improving Roger Holland was not far behind in third place.
Cheers: Jerry”



Hi Frank,

I thought your readers would like to know about North Somerset’s latest journey into the mad world of extreme endure racing. Last year Andy Frost, Harvey Dark, Tom Smith, Jimmy Munden, Dan Stone and service crew drove 1000 miles and  entered the Erzberg Rodeo. Andy Tom Harvey and Jim qualified for the final and all rode well in the main race before mechanical gremlins (boulders crashing down the mountain from a bike higher up the mountain and smashing Harvey’s throttle) and the clock finally beat them. But the seeds had been sown, the tough one was the next event. Again the boys rode well Charlie frost finished 2 nd in the very competitive expert class Andy 9th and Harvey 11th. What next could we try, after a few shandys at the lock and weir after a Wednesday night time trial it was decided to have a go at the Red Bull Romaniacs 2015 even though nobody knew where it was.

We took one of GMB garages transits, towing a box trailer, 6 bikes 5 spare wheels, 15 tyres, and enough spares to cope with anything Romania could throw at us.

1500 miles doesn’t sound much does it, but 8 countries and 36 hours continual driving later the boys rocked up in Sibiu. 5 Days of the hardest riding you could ever think possible lay ahead of them. 6 more of North Somerset’s finest flew out and met up 2 days later.

The first part of the event was the prologue.  In the silver class Andy and Harvey finished so close to each other that they could ride together in the main race which was what they wanted. Jim a fantastic 10th in the Iron class. The prologue was a manmade section in the town centre over skips, rocks, logs tyres and anything else you could wreck a bike on. To watch the top boys ride that track was unbelievable. Johnny walker won the pro class (I think that boy could ride a wet Hanham woods if he tried). All the bikes came through relatively unscathed and after a bit of fettling and a riders briefing it was time for bed.  ” What time should I set my alarm for”? Harvey asked. Well it’s a 7.00 start, but that’s 50 miles away from here so allow 90 minutes to get there 30 minutes for breakfast and getting kit on so 4.30 should do. The boy went very quiet. That was the pattern for the week mega early starts and late nights, after a while sleep deprivation catches up with you.

The first day was an eye opener for the two lads in the silver class, the clerk of the course who ironically is a sadistic good looking Scot called Dougie Mclean wanted only 40% finishers and with the course he set out he achieved that no problem Harvey and Andy were both time bombed out at about ¾ distance, meaning they could not afford another day like that. Jim finished top 20 in the iron class a result he would keep all week, (must be all that training he does). Andy and Harvey could not believe what they had to ride up and down it was extreme in every sense of the word. With no rest in between it was without doubt the hardest thing they had ever ridden. On top of this they had to ride with GPS navigation systems for the first time, which was something else they had to learn on the hoof. And with temperatures in the mid 30,s to boot.

The next day was much like the first but the boys learnt from the first day Knuckled down rode hard helped each other and finished in time, the ending was a manmade Red Bull ramp jumping into the river in the middle of Town with Hugh crowds watching the carnage.  With 2 new tyres gear box oil air filters and various other broken bits repaired the pits were busy each night.

The third day was much like the first two but they rode higher up the mountains up to a ski resort, 6000ft was the highest altitude they reached the bikes were struggling with the lack of air. The only real drama of the day was Harvey losing his front brake pads and cooking his rear brake fluid, He rode quarter of the day with no brakes and with some long  near vertical descents it made for some white knuckle riding and new underpants but he finished ok. We had to fit a complete new brake system that night. Andy finished in the top 30 which really was a great result, Iron man Jim Munden continued in the top 20.

The last day dawned and a finish was on the cards. The course was the usual mix of mammoth up hills and steep descents. With the added obstacle of river crossings, On one of these crossings Harvey totally submerged his bike and filled the engine with water, However Andy was not far away and in less than 5 minutes had drained the engine and carb changed spark plug and air filter and they were on their way again. The end is always a huge hill climb which only the very best get to the top, even the great Johnny Walker failed this one. However Dougie and his course builders had one final twist, a man made section that included the obligatory skips huge logs Mud and a climb up and over wet pallets, there was also a beam you could ride over if you wished. The support crew told our lads to walk the bikes over the beam to avoid the mud and logs. Big Jim was first to arrive and he threw his bike in and out of the skips managed to keep his bike on the beam, there was no way he was letting go of that bike. He manhandled his bike up the pallets for a great ride 21st in the Iron class. Harvey and Andy were next up, arriving together Andy got his across the beam and flew up the pallets, however Harv was not so lucky his bike fell off the beam into the mud and Logs, it took 10 minutes of pushing and pulling to get his bike out and over the pallets all this and it was 38 degrees, but no matter they all finished 2nd and 3rd Brits in the silver class. I can’t over state what a great ride all three obtained. But riding was only half of it and to get three bikes to the finish is a great testament to the brilliant work done by Andy Frost and co at GMB garages over the previous month. Also great work done By John Leigh, Jane Frost, Wally, Bob Lees, Si Legg and Rigs

That night was the Red Bull party where the lads received their medals and time for a few hard earned cold ones. With the rest of the service crew flying home it was left to the original four to drive home, with an overnight stop at a 5 star hotel in Budapest we set off for Dunkirk. Now you would think they would have had enough riding for a bit, but not a bit of it there was still time for some sand riding at Dunkirk motocross track while we had a few hours to kill whilst waiting for the ferry. Dodging the immigrants we got the late ferry back to Blighty.

On the way home the next plan was being hatched. Red Bull Run a 3 day extreme event called sea to sky in southern Turkey. 2500 miles doesn’t sound much does it. Watch this space

Yours in Sport: Julian

Trials & Enduro CofC/Steward Licence Renewal: Ian & Brian Shuttleworth have reminded me they need to renew their Licences for next year, I’ll raise it at the September Board Meeting & try to get a date arranged during December, mine needs to be renewed for next year so it’s best if I run a Seminar before the end of the the year. Watch this space for details!

ps An updated/corrected Centre Fixture List is posted on the Fixture List Page today. View it here? Centre Fixture List 2015 Corrected as at 230815.xlsx

See you all soon: Frank




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