Todays Frome Championship Trial Results

Hello all,

A tough day at Wanstrow, 4 laps of 12 Sections, you certainly got your moneys worth. Judging from the number of you that made time to chat with me, partly to get your breath back I know, it was a tiring Trial & the Results show it needed plenty of lusty legwork. Good to see former Centre Champion Colin Crease out for a ride & pushing Current Centre Champion Kurt Brain for the overall. I was on Section 5 & Colin went clean, clean, one, one, all good rides with lots of attack to get back up a slippery slimy bank of the stream. Kurt went five, five, clean, clean & the two cleans were very neat controlled rides, Colins first one was an out of control magic recovery after getting up that bank.

With all riders starting at the first Section, I was able to do something I’ve never had to do before, I moved one blue flag 18″ left so that there was a line opened up that allowed all, but especially the non expert main route riders to avoid a drop off from the undercut stream Bank, which had worried several riders, two of whom had ‘tucked under’ & gone over the bars head first.

Click here for todays Results   Frome Wyndham Haines 120415

I think but I’m not certain that all the Sections had Observers, so thanks to Colin Hassall, Nipper Allen, Mandy Jeffries, John Ball, Linda Ashford, Tom & Mary, & Phyllis & Frank & probably 3 others who I’m not certain of. That’s good as at the last two Championship Trials, the Traders where I was Steward & again did something I’d never done before, which was to Observe even though I was Steward, & the James Cup where again the Centre Steward, Bob Burt, Observed. This is a plea & reminder to riders to bring an Observer, the Centre Steward is appointed for an overview of the Trial, that overview is compromised if the Organisers need to ask him or her to Observe. We all know that you riders don’t actually like having to self observe, & we all know that you don’t always with the Observers decision, but at the end of the day you riders know that the recorded scores are unbiased , & that is very important.

Thanks to all of you for supporting Frome’s event see you in Scotland? Good fortune to all Wessex & adjoining Centre Riders.



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