Todays Avery Cup Trial – Results . More on John Surtees

Hi guys,

we went out the the Avery today, anticipating it was going to be cold we volunteered to just observe one Section between us, so that we could move about & keep a bit warmer than if both of had a Section to do. We were lucky we had Section 7 in the quarry which was out of the wind & rode comfortably on the first lap, seemingly with lots of grip, then a few spots of rain during lap two then came a bit more rain & by the end of lap three it became more or less continuous. So grip became much harder to find & by the end it would be fair to say that it had disappeared for pretty well all of the entry! You know, open the throttle, engine note rises a bit but you don’t go forwards, the back wheel just spins up more! Centre Champion, Kurt Brain, had a wedding to get to at, I think half past one in Stroud, so didn’t have time to waste & had four good rides on our Section, I guess the scorecard will show he was best Expert in it. I’ll post the Results as soon as I have them, hopefully later this evening.

Kingswood Avery Cup Centre Champs Results 210215

Looking back a couple of days, as you would expect, many people attended Jim Webb’s funeral from our own & neighbouring Centres, and from the Sidecar-Cross fraternity, I must mention that Steve Baughan has been a tower of strength to Ve during the difficult times she has had since Jim became unwell & that support continued at the funeral, & I’m sure will continue in future. Thanks Steve.

You’ll recall I mentioned John Surtees three or four weeks ago? Richard Elliot got in touch afterwards to say that his dad had a copy of the 1946 ‘History of Farleigh Castle which has a picture of Jack Surtees & a young lad not in racing kit, Richard & Dawn wrote to the John Surtees Foundation enclosing a copy photo to ask if it was indeed, John. They had a reply from John himself confirming that it was him. How lovely of the man.



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