Watching TV, Trials Guru, NSMSC Eco-Angus TTrial Results.

Hi everyone,

We don’t watch much TV, but two things caught my eye on Sunday.

Firstly, Andrew Marr had Lord West as a guest yesterday. Lord West, if you didn’t know, has been First Sea Lord, & been a Junior Minister with Security Responsibilities. What caught my eye was his tie, without doubt it had a repeated motif of a Trials or Enduro rider on it. I wonder what made him choose that tie! Does he have an interest in our Sport?

The second thing I noticed was in the John Surtees ‘tribute’ programme shown last night. There was a shot of John’s ‘garage’ where he had several [many!] two & four wheelers. The programme concentrated on his early Vincent ‘Grey Flash’ racing [the Grey Flash was ‘half a Vincent’ just a 500cc single] & then his MV World Championship successes on two wheels. What caught my eye was something in the garage I didn’t recognise – a racing machine with what seemed like trailing link front suspension, the shape of the tank made me think AJS porcupine? A little online searching showed up that it was a ‘Works’ Norton F type prototype  from 1954/55.

Something else I’ve come across recently is the Trials Guru web-site at      The Trials Guru is John Moffat, who is well known, especially to followers of the SSDT. The website name is correct, John really is a guru of trials. You might find it an interesting browse.

Jerry Walters has sent on the NSMSC Eco-Angus Results here NSMSC EcoAngus TT Results 110115 With a full Entry of 60, Jason Hamblin continued where he left off last year with a win, Andy Frost R/up & Simon Prideaux 3rd. With Scramble tyres it was Charlie Frost, Andy Scrivens & Mitch Frost 1st,2nd & 3rd respectively.

That’s it for now: Frank


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