Wells Miller Cup Results

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Please find the Miller Cup Results here Wells Miller Cup Results 040115  I’m pleased to see they had such a good entry & with 12 Youth riders too. Something I haven’t noticed before on Results, but something I welcome, is a list of the Observers who are an important & necessary part of you riders days sport. We always appreciate your ‘Thanks for Observing too”!

Did Martin Strang ride the Tanner Trudge I asked yesterday. Yes he did, Brian Shuttleworth says:

“Hi Frank,

I managed to find a couple of old results for the Tanner Trudge regarding Martin Strang.
The first one was 1970 and he managed to win the best ‘C’ class on 44 marks lost……
It was won by Dave Jeremiah on 26 with Mark Kemp R/Up also on 26 marks lost.
In 1974 he finished R/Up to Sammy Miller.
The results have him down as M. Strang so I presume it is him.


Martin asked me to pass on his thanks to Brian, which I have done.

Does anyone else have access to Trudge Results from Back Then?

It’s interesting, isn’t it that Centre Gazettes carried Regs Available & Event Entry Forms, but not comprehensive Results. Of course Trials Riders have always been advised of the results of their Competitions, as Results are not very often available at the finish within say half an hour of the finish, & never “Back Then” These days few Results are sent by Post most are emailed to individuals &/or posted on a web-site.

http://www.wessex-centre-acu.org.uk posts all Results sent to it and these are available in Date order by Year for anyone to access.

I suspect I’m correct with this is true though. Speed Event Results aren’t generally available, because Scrambles Results weren’t published [apart from at the Meeting]. The Announcer would give the Results over the PA after each Race & before the next Race for Grass Tracks & Scrambles, so Spectators would have Results up to the first 15 or so written into their Programme but Competitors??   I know Competitors would know about their own Races [think Prize Money, think Upgradings] but where would I go to find out if a certain D. W. Plaster rode in any of the Junior up to 250cc races in the Bath & West of England MC Scramble, at Tog Hill, on the 26th of September 1965. He’s listed as a Reserve.

What brings this question to mind? Well that’s very nearly 50 years ago & Denys will be at tonights Centre Board Meeting. Another new fangled invention, Ebay,  will let you buy that marked up programme.


ps the answer to my question is yes he did & he placed 8th – it’s written into this programme & his riding No was 13!



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