Todays Knut Trial Report – A Cautionary Tale. NSMSC’s Richard Sage TT Results. Centre Champ Knut Trophy Results

Hello all,

We’ve just got back from the Bath & West of England Clubs Knut Trophy Trial, the last Round of this years Centre Championship Trials. This event is generally acknowledged as one of the best & hardest Trials in the Centre run by a very experienced Club, with sections laid out by three current ‘younger’ riders. Riders rode 15 sections 3 times & were blessed with 15 Observers – I told you this was a very experienced Club.

I was a little surprised to be told during the day that  a rider had asked one of the Observers how they had done & was disappointed to be told he’d fived the Section. A person associated with that rider, who claimed to be a National CofC, then told the very experienced Observer that the decision was incorrect & that a Protest would be put in!

I point this out because I’m aware that many Trials these days are ‘self observed’ which is open to marking abuse, and that any experienced CofC knows that an Observers decision is a matter of fact & is not Protestable. In my opinion, many Observers who may not be as passionate about our sport as the one whose competence was questioned, would say “blow this for a game of soldiers’ put down the Board & leave the Riders  to do their own thing.

Whilst this comment didn’t fall into the TSR34 {Offensive Behaviour} category,I’m quite disturbed that any CofC would voice this opinion in public about  any Observer.  A Licenced CofC will know that an Observer is an assistant to the CofC, & that the Observers decision cannot be challenged as regards judgement of performance. You can however Protest against any breach or misinterpretation of the Regulations, however the Observation Rules {non stop} do not permit pauses in forward motion Please see TSR22 B Non Stop Definitions. Thus the person concerned was simply wrong

Talking to another very experienced Observer during the Trial, I was asked whether the people who grumble about Observers, ever think about standing in one place for 4hours concentrating hard, making decisions, getting cold & wet & having those decisions questioned by people with an interest in a riders performance.  In other words do the grumblers ever volunteer to Observe? I think not.

I leave you all to decide if I’m making sensible comments or not? Let me know, or discuss them in another place

Here endeth this Sundays Lesson & I will get down from the pulpit now!

On Riders behalves, thanks to observers, Mark & Theresa Talbot, Mike & Chris Fear, Darryl Fortune, Colin Hassall, Phyllis Sweeting, Becky Talbot, Bob Burt, Nipper Allen, Denise & Colin Noad, Aleta Payne, Dave Cottle  &  an other, for helping make a super event

Jerry Walters has sent me todays Results for North Somersets’ Timed Trial held today,   14th DECEMBER 2014.xls  & says  “This was the final round of the 2014 North Somerset Club Time Trial championship, and congratulations go to Jason Hamblin who easily retains the Trials class trophy for another year, and Charlie Frost who just pipped Andy Frost to the Scrambles class championship.”


ps Knut Results will be posted here as soon as available

Here we are : B&WoE Knut Trophy Results 141214.xlsx  It’s bedtime, comment tomorrow – Frank.








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