Frome Selwood Novice & Bradley Cup Centre Champs Results. Royalty Observers. Lady Shutt

Hello all,

A good day at Frys Bottom,, please find the Results here Frome Selwood&Bradley Cup or on the appropriate Page.

Royalty Observers? Well yes, Phyllis was asked to do Section 1 at the far end of the Course just inside the padlocked gate, so we drove down & were able to undo the padlock & drive in. Luxury! It would even have been nearly possible to observe sitting in the car! As I was Steward I had to walk the course, 4 laps of 10 Sections, & as Riders will know it was pretty slippy between Sections, after I got to Section 10 manned by Dave Best [who is still waiting for a replacement gear selector fork] I walked up the field & back to Section 1 on the road!

Thanks on everyones behalf to Jon Bees & Jerry Cross who laid out most of the Sections, & of course to the Observers, Phyllis, Bob Burt, Nipper Allen, Mark Talbot, Gary Marshman, Dave Best & some others whose names I don’t know, sorry about that. Tom & Mary ‘shared’ I think Section 9 from time to time. Section 5 which had a step in it was missed out by the C class, but they had a specially for them different section 5 laid out. Good thinking from the Section plotters.

Mary had the Results done & over to me before 18:30hrs, & its my Dinner in 10 minutes, so more follows after dinner but I’ll post these for you now.

Check back later & see if I’ve been able to find Southern Experts Results – just before bedtime Results are on Trials Central. Solo Winner Sam Haslam on 27, R/up Sam Connor on 34 & Alexz Wigg 3rd on 37.

Lowest Class winning score of the day was 6 from Dai Clothier, Ollie Humphris who ran out best Expert averaged just under 2 a Section so you know it was a tough day. AB class winner was Trevor Ashford on 58 – so that’s just under 1 & a half marks lost a Section, & the competition was close Trevor on 58, Rob Scott 65, Triss Ball 66 & Rod Broom & Gareth Talbot both on 69

Lady Shutt? We’re pleased to say that Ian & Jody Shuttleworth are the parents of Lotte Jean who weighed in at 6lbs 4oz last Wednesday afternoon, which was great timing as they weren’t interrupted during the West Wilts Workers Dinner the evening before.  All those fingers crossed that Jody wouldn’t have to rush off without all her dinner must have worked. it’s a second Granddaugher for Brian Shutt, and both Jody & Lotte are doing well.

Our sympathies go out to Pete Dury – who collates the Centre Champ Tables for you – whose Mum passed away last Thursday.

Next week it’s the final Championship Round, the Knut Trophy, fingers crossed for decent weather beforehand so that parking is easy, so we hope to see you all there. If you haven’t entered yet it could be a good idea.

I hope to have a Report from Roger Brain on the Southern Experts tomorrow, but it’s been a real test of skill & bravery with Fred Adams having a mega off – no lasting injury fortunately AFAIK


ps I’ll have Regs & Entry Forms for the Wells Clubs Miller Cup Trial on 4th January posted for you all tomorrow

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