Sunday 12th Oct. WWMC Errington Cup Results

Hi guys,

Good to see you all today, 4 laps of ten, ten observers, thanks to Colin Hassall, Derek Daniels, Nipper Allen, Darryl Fortune, Aleta Payne, Jon Milne,  Chris Kelly & Frank & Phyllis S.

Great to see Andi Townhill, after many years absence, we last saw him as a schoolboy! & Kyle Mitchell having his first competitive ride I understand. Didn’t Sam Lovells [Yamaha 4stroke] Scorpa sound nice, but then so did Dave Best & George Papageorgio’s Honda powered Mont4RTs.

An entry of just over 30 seems to be the new norm but still thanks to you all for supporting WWMC & the Centre today.


Oh & Kurt Brain won the Premier award, the Errington Cup, Rob Smith the HJ Giddings Cup [AB class], Sam Lovell the Bob Missen Cup [B class] Mark Bean the Trials Cup [C class]. Kevin Hart was best o40 class & Richard Elliot the o50’s

Click here for the results:  WWMC Errington Cup 121014

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