NSMSC Blackman Trophy Results/Nord Vue/Reeth 3 Day Trial

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Been out of phone & wifi contact for  a few days, Talkin, Loweswater, Reeth etc. So better late than never here are the Results of NSMSC Blackman Trophy TT 160714 as supplied by Jerry Walters.

Watched a day of the World Trials Champs at Nord Vue. Podium places were as last years final positions so I guess that shows we know just who is best at present. Mind you when you have ropes provided for Minders to hold with one hand while waiting to catch a riders front wheel with the other if rider doesn’t make the climb you do begin to wonder where progress will be made? Self levitating bikes?, a ‘new’ safety feature for difficult terrain. Cabestany looked as if he didn’t have the power [perhaps the desire?] for some of the bigger jump/climbs. Have we seen the best of him? Quite impressed with Fujigas though, he was seeing different lines to the top guys & seemed to be a thinking rider

However up in Arkengarthdale at the Reeth 3 day Trial sanity prevails  & Sections are challenging but do-able for a wide spectrum of ability & age. No twin shocks but a couple air cooled monoshock Yamahas & Eric Lejeune. An unfortunate incident just before the last of the first days sections where a rider coming down off the fell, did just that, an off, resulting in a broken collar bone. In order this incident was attended by, a fellow rider, Toby Eyre, in real life a First Responder , but of course without his kit, the NHS Ambulance Service, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance & the Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team. In all I reckon it took about 3hours from the accident to helicopter lift off with the casualty! We helped a bit, I think, by slowing down riders explaining there was a casualty & guiding them past the group attending to the rider.

On the 2nd day, the last Section was out at Hurst, & as there’s no point in even thinking of  going  out there at the Scott, we went & had a look, we understood it was a shortened version of the section used in the Scott. Quite a pleasant little walk out over level grouse moor after the end of the road. The 2nd day had a 7.5hour limit not the 6.5hr I thought, but it still took marks on time, Ian Fortune lost 13 of them which was disappointing, as he was riding with Craig & Becky Talbot  who did get in on time but were riding numbers 214 & 215, Ian was 165 so he had started 25 minutes before them. On day 3 we saw the Fortune support group, Daryl & Mrs Daryl, & Sam.

Ian ended the 3 days 51st in Class & Mark Holmes was 100th. Craig & Becky finished 44th & 35th on the Expert Route. Eric Lejeune was 26th Clubman & his riding partner, Frenchman, Fabrice Bolusset was 128th, Fabrice was wearing kneepads, elbow pads & a back protector, so I presumed he didn’t like rocks, or more likely the bumps & bruises they inflict on lesser riders! Mark Cameron was 17th Clubman & 6th O40, good work Mark.

We got home on Monday evening & guess what? On Thursday we were down In Bradford market doing some weekly shopping, I idly glanced at the wine bar/hotel conversion into flats by the Town Bridge & a voice said hello Frank & it was  Ian F, who had been called in by employer Albino Builders to help speed up the project which has been going on most of the year. Small World!


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