NSMSC’s Valley Smokehouse Timed Trial Results are here!

Thanks to Jerry Walters, here are yesterdays North Somerset Valley Smokehouse Timed Trial Results NSMSC Valley Smokehouse TT 050714  As I might have guessed, Jason Hamblin was the winner – standard time & 3 marks gone in Section 3, with R/up Paul Manning losing 10 on time & 9 on observation, 3 in Section 2 & 6 in Section 4. Best scrambler was Andy Frost [as I might have guessed] losing 6 on time & 51 on observation!

Don’t forget Wednesday weeks NSMSC Blackman TT!

Off topic  I know but: Wow, what a turn out for the Tour de France in Yorkshire & Cambridge/London we’ve outdone the the French I reckon. & Lewis Hamilton winning at Silverstone with JB 4th was a good weekend for Britons in F1. Mind you drive of the day was Felipe [Massa] throwing himself sideways to avoid t-boning Kimi [Raikonnen]. The Williams’s were obviously on the pace.

Shame about Mark Cavendish, a separated shoulder isn’t pleasant, but he’s no longer got the pure explosion of speed he used to have & we’ve seen him leaning into rivals before in the Tour.




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