What a great week-end! Zona One British Trials Championship Rounds. We wish Becky & Craig a wonderful coming weekend. Mintex Time & Observation Trial at Hurst, Wells “Lawford” Timed Trial Results.

What wonderful weather at the moment. On Saturday we went & watched a Hill Climb at Gurston Down with cars & bikes – including outfits. All the outfits were road racers, the solos ranged from 250cc Hondas to 1000cc Dukes with numbers of Husqvarna & Husaberg enduro machines.

Sunday saw us at the Women & Girls British Championship Trial  at Nettleton Quarry organised by Zona One. Had a quick look at the previous days Results – Zona One ran two Rounds on consecutive days in two different venues – to find Victoria Payne had blitzed her opposition in Girls A class with just 11 marks lost, 30 less than the R/up Louise Alford. Positions were a bit different however on the 2nd day, with Louise  losing 52 to win, with Victoria ,on 71, pushed down to 3rd on the day by Beth Waite in 2nd on 64m/l. In the Championship Womens class Emma Bristow was best on both days from Becky Cook.  On Day 1, Emma parted with a dab & a 2 on lap 3 [4laps of 10 sections] whereas Becky had a 5 in section 9 on the first lap & then just one dab in a different section on lap 3 & on Day 2 Emma lost just 2 dabs to Becky’s three dabs, two 2’s & a five. We thought that Section 10 was a bit controversial, in the way it was laid out & then observed when, to our knowledge on one route riders were allowed to completely miss a red/blue gate, &  when a five was given  for going outside the straight line between two blue markers, this was resolved with the use of tape to delineate a ‘new’ section boundary. There seemed to be quite a number of Observer decisions questioned by riders or their entourage which is disappointing. Good to see ‘Laurence’, John Luff of BVM Moto out observing for the Club.

All our best wishes go to Becky & Craig Talbot for their wedding on Saturday, Donna Fox [who was minding over the weekend] is going to be Becky’s bridesmaid, & Craigs best man is a long standing friend away from the two wheeled world.

Out of Centre, it was good to hear Tom Culliford, went up to the Richmond Clubs Mintex Time & Observation Trial based around Hurst using some of the Scott Trial sections & going. A derailed chain & a puncture cost him time, but he finished  9th place. in 3hrs 40m 22s losing 41 on time & 71 on observation, the winner was Tom Minta, standard time & just 13 on observation. I hope Tom will progress to the big brother Scott Trial event  in the future.

The Lawford TT at Wookey was won by Simon Prideaux [0 on observation, 7 on time] from Jason Hamblin, who lost 6 on observation – all on his first lap of 10] & 8 on time. In the Scrambler class it was Andy Frost 35 [28 on observation + 7 time penalties] from Tom Smith on 45 with no time penalties. Jerry Cross tells me he had 23 guys pre-entered & another 21 entries on the day & a lot of happy chappies at the end. Here are the results Wells Lawford TT, 220614

See you soon: Frank

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