BSSA’s Glenis Sinclair TT, results from Scarboro! etc

Good evening! Had a change today & went & watched a Timed Trial at Lambs Lair. We got there about 5 minutes after the start, & immediately put on Paddock Coats, amazing the rain more or less stopped for the couple of hours the event took. Cannily we got to the food wagon just before the rush after the finish & had a bacon bap each, as we only had a Mars bar & some coffee with us, as it was a late decision to go. Jason Hamblin & Simon Prideaux were swapping places at the front of the Trials tyres class thoughout. Good to see Stephen Bather & Dad, David & have a chat, David said todays Foxhills M-X had been cancelled [weather!] on Friday. Likewise with Kevin Hamblin & little Alfie & his Mum.  Kerry Lawford was watching progress of Andy Scrivs & Martin, I hadn’t realized that Andy had broken a finger down in Corwall in one of the Early Trials S/car Champ rounds, whanged it on a tree I understand, a good solid protective handguard was protecting that throttle hand I noticed. We didn’t see Andy Frost or his Dad to talk to, but I’d noticed Andy did the Tough One at Hawkstone last week. Ian Fortuune was there watching, & he & Mark Holmes have got entries for the Reeth 3 Day Trial later on in the year. The Yorkshire Centre Grading system is  arcane in my opinion, as Mark Sunter I noticed in the Entry list is still only a Novice  up there, surely he is at least an Intermediate in abilit in his home Centrey?

I’m hoping that Becky Cook & Victoria Payne have had good rides today in the Women & Girls Events up at  Low North Park in the Scarborough Club’s National today, as I type the Results aren’t posted, but Tom Culliford has 7th in B class dropping 41, a good effort considering George Marshman dropped 52 in ninth. Both of them were eclipsed by winner Toby Martyn, the winner who had laps of 2, 0 & 1 m/l. Those of you with long memories will remember Tim Martin [Pendennis Club] who was contemporary with Rob Sartin when they were schoolboys doing the Nationals. In A class local Dan Peace was winner on 46 with Tom Hooper from SW Centre R/up on 55, Tom Minta was 3rd on 68.

Ladies: Results from Low North Park are now posted & ‘our’ ladies would both have hoped to have better results than they had, Victoria  lost 55 to be R/up to Louise Alford on 50, it was a bit tight for Victoria as Beth Waite was on 56. Becky could only manage 3rd to winner Emma Bristow & Joanne Coles who pipped Becky by 2 marks. More ‘local’ interest, Alicia Robinson was 4th in the Girls B class I see.

I’ll post the Glenis Sinclair TT Results when I have them [probably that will be tomorrow]

Swindon’s Corinium Enduro didn’t get much coverage in TMX this week, but good to see WWMC’s Dan Price was best Expert & David Luff was best Clubman. More ‘mutterings’ {ramblings?}next time. Keep those feet up: Frank


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