Here it is: Roger Brain’s Southern Experts 2013 Report

Hello all of you, you are in for a treat with this Report from Kurt’s Dad, Roger Brain about the Southern Experts Solo Trial held last Sunday.

We are indebted to Roger for this insiders view, I’m aware of the hard work that has gone into the writing of it, let alone the ‘legwork’ involved in being on the spot, it knocks TMX’s brief Report about a Railway Embankment in to a cocked hat.  Read it by clicking the link below

Roger Brains’ Southern Experts 2013 Report

Roger confirms it was a tough event with strength in the gloop giving advantage, but some very technical [rockhopping] & scary stuff with Experts asking for 5’s. Perhaps a bit over the top?

All I can do is echo Roger, well done all you Wessex Guys

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