Good Work at the Southern Experts! Richard Sage TT Results

Yesterday I wondered about the Southern Experts didn’t I?

The Results Team sent me the Results  early this morning, & you can view the Southern Experts 151213 results here.

As you’ll see we had good representation from the Centre, Kurt Brain had a good ride to be 6th overall Southern Expert, with 93 m/l & there were some very handy guys in front of him, Ross Danby, Sam Haslam & Sam Connor for instance in 1st 2nd & 3rd. Becky Cook had a tough day with laps of 53, 53, & 60 I’m guessing it was a venue where the sections needed strength in abundance as well as technical ability? The 2 Youth Exerts we’ve seen in the Centre this year, Tom Hooper & Tom Minta were quite close to Kurt in terms of m/l.

We were well represented in the Solo support class riding some easier sections, & Craig Talbot was 3rs overall just missing out on 2nd on most cleans to Gavin Cooper both of them on 27. Best was David Clinkard on 18 though. Ben Skinner pushed Gavin & Craig hard just 1 mark behind for 4th. Lee Hassall & Fred Adams were well up the leaderboard too.

Over with the outfits, it looked like a two horse race with Rupert & Chris Kimber taking it from Jon & Matt with 12 & 14 M/l respectively.  Josh & Luke Golding pipped David Tuck & Steve Chandler for 5th place –  parting with 58 against 59 marks respectively. We didn’t have anyone in the S/car support event.

Congratulations to all on your results & for making up a strong Wessex presence

Jerry Walters has sent across the NSMSC’s Richard Sage Electrical Timed Trial Results & you  can find them here NSMSC Richard Sage TT 151213 or in the usual place. Business as usual with Trials tyred machines – Jason Hamblin from Simon Prideaux Jason setting a standard time & Simon losing 4 on time, both of them just 12 in the Sections. Tom Smith continued winning ways with scramble tyres 97 on observation/7 on time with Charlie Frost R/up better on observation [94] but not quick enough losing 17 on time. I see Charlie & Mitch Frost let Tim ride this week – it’s easier than looking after the lads I bet Tim!

More follows.  Frank

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