Frome’s Selwood Novice & Bradley Cup Results are here. Revised NSMSC Presidents Results.

Mary has sent over the Results from todays Championship Trial, which you can find on the usual Page or click this link Frome Selwood, Bradley Cup 011213

The same top three Experts as last week, but in a different order. This week it’s Kurt Brain, Colin Crease & Ben Skinner on 19,28 & 39 m/l respectively. Kurt had just 2 fives [both in Section 6] , where Colin had three dabs, & Ben had  just two dabs. Colin only parted with one 5 in Section 10 although he also had two ‘double dabs’ there to lose 9 in his three laps, whereas Kurt was clean & Ben just had one dab there. Ben was down for three  5s, one in each of Sections 5, 8 & 12. So another good competition between them!

NSMSC have had to issue revised Results for their Presidents held last week.

A significant number of riders had circled an incorrect Wessex Centre Grading List Class on their Entry Forms. Arguably it’s of no concern in Non Championship trials, but in the Centre Champs Events it is important. Please can you make life easier for hard working Secretaries of the Meeting by getting it correct. You can confirm your current grade by referring to the Grading Page in Pete Dury’s Excel workbook of current Centre Championship Positions.

Revised NSMSC Results are here NSMSC Revised Presidents 24.11.13

See you at the Knut next week:  Frank


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