Wilts Border Autumn Trophy Results, Kurt, Rob, Tom, Ian , Richard & Dai were the men! Sponsored Observers! Andy’s problem.

Hello all,

We were asked out to dinner after we got back from Sleight today, so these Results are a little later than might have been. Anyway the various Class winners are in the headline, I guessed the Expert winner might be in single figures today, & so it proved. Kurt Brain took the win on 9m/l from Ben Skinner on 12. So Kurt pulls further ahead in the Championship, but Ben moves up to second pushing Lee Hassall down a place.

Find the Results on the Page 2013 Events: Trials, Timed Trials, Hare & Hounds, and Enduro Results in the right hand sidebar, or click here Wilts Border Autumn Trophy 03:11:13

We can now reveal that Phyllis is now a ‘Sponsored Observer’. Those nice people at www.trials-king.com, don’t forget to check out their web-site, have presented her with a Trials King Bobble Hat, she has now retired that fashionable hat, was it really 50 years ago they were fashionable? hat to ‘gardening duty’ One of the advantages of the hat with the bobble is that it helps stop her colour co-ordinated Paddock coat hood from falling down over her eyes, mind you, even with her eyes shut she’d probably write 5s down on the Card! I even saw a dab from Class winner Tom Pike, that she missed, tricky business this Observing, it was a big wide tree she was watching & the dab was strategically placed when he was out of her sight & even better on the side furthest from her!

Discovered why Andy Noad had a disappointing day at the Scott Trial, his front fuel tank – you the little plastic Hebo Tank that gives you an extra 1l of fuel had a hairline, almost invisible, crack which allowed water to be sucked into the fuelling system – there was plenty of water up there this year. Of course the contaminated fuel squirted through the Honda’s injectors didn’t provide a combustible mixture[atomised water doesn’t ignite]. So No Go

Thanks to all who turned out today, riders, Officials, support crews & Steve Oram whose permission to use the venue is needed. See you all at N Somersets Presidents on the 24th?



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