Todays [29th September] Hawkesbury Trophy Championship Trial Results, Errington Cup Champ Trial Venue, the ‘proper poorly list’ 2nd FIM Gold Medal for Zach Watjknect, etc

Hi all,

Good to see lots of you today, ages since we’ve seen Rich Sully for instance.

The Results of the Hawkesbury are posted for you on the usual Page or click here Kingswood Hawkesbury 290913. As you know I was on 10 & so I guessed the Expert winner as Kurt/Ben? as Ben had four nice cleans, but Kurt had a couple of dabs which he had to work very hard for. Results now tell me that Kurt only lost 19 in total whereas Ben was very nearly double at 37. Fred & Ollie both picked up a five when riding over the rightmost arrow on the second big log crossing. It’s fair to say it was a comfortable Section for Experts, but decidedly dodgy for many of the rest of you , which I quite understand, the downhill take off to get over the log & the big drop the far side of it was daunting, so much so that many of you asked for ‘5’s’

I’ve also noticed in the Results at least one rider who rode the yellows but is noted as  “B” class, so remember these are provisional Results.

Next Championship Trial is West Wilts Errington, please note closing date is Wednesday 9th October & you can enter on the day for extra fee, the Venue is at ‘Perrys’ up opposite Bath Racecourse. The info in last Friday’s TMX is duff & needs correction which is in hand but may not be corrected until the 11th October TMX due to publishing schedules. You can download the Entry Form on the appropriate Page here.

Now, a brief report on our proper poorly list,

First, Jim Webb Jims stroke has been a serious one [that’s my intepretation] Based on the fact that he has been fed by tube, I will have better info available to report at Tuesdays Board Meeting. All our thoughts & best wishes are with & for Jim, & of course V.

Second Tom Crease, Tom is ok but didn’t feel it wise to come out to Elmington Manor today, I had thought to myself it mightn’t be a good idea, so early in his recovery. Tom decided, as I thought, the climb from the parking area up to the ‘plateau’ at the top was too much too soon. Otherwise he sounds ok. Believe me, I’ve been there as you know, it takes a while to be confident that vigorous exercise isn’t going to damage you again.

Third, John Ball. John is Triss’s Dad, I gather from Jon Bees that John suffered, what I believe was a mild heart attack [again it’s my interpretation] after suffering chest pain three weeks .. ish ago, & has had a couple of stents fitted to narrowed arteries. Again we all send best wishes for a full recovery, but as John has been a full time carer for Triss’s Mum for several years, there has necessarily been a lot of upheaval for the whole Family.

Final ‘proper poorly’, a report on a young man. I spotted Gareth Talbot with a wrist support at todays Trial. The result of a between Section crash on a Top Trial Team Beta while minding for Becky Cook at either the last World Round, or at next days Ladies Trial des Nations in France. Gareth get well soon.

On a more positive note, I’m sure all will be delighted that Zach has won his 2nd consecutive FIM U21 Gold Track Racing medal, you cant do better than that, I hear he will have done parade lap at the British Masters this afternoon.

Controversy at the last British Championship Sidecar Trial Round, I’ll comment on  this later in the week.

Time for cocoa! Frank


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