Centres NSMSC Ivan Manning TT Results, You Tube Speedway GP, BSB TV coverage

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We’ve just uploaded the “Ivan Manning” Centre Champ Timed Trial Results – thanks to Jerry Walters – you can click here NSMSC Ivan Manning TT 22:09:13 to see them.

I thought Saturday night might bring news of a new British Speedway GP Champion, but I couldn’t find a live feed to watch, I just knew that Tai Woffinden had been excluded for causing a crash in his first, the second heat of the night, & that he had scored 7 points on the night. On Monday YouTube had posted the full coverage with the English commentary with Kelvin Tatum as the expert commentator from the new Speedway GP venue in Stockholm. The crash was really nasty putting Tomasz Gollob head first into the dirt – he was out cold, & Woffinden came down hard on his right shoulder where he has a plated collar bone from the Cardiff UK Round. This caused around a 35 minute delay to Heat 3, Gollob was taken directly to hospital where the diagnosis was a dislodged vertebrae. Woffinden acted like a real pro, even though it was fairly obvious he was seriously hurt most likely having bent the plate or broken the collar bone again, he showed no pain when his hand arm & shoulder were checked out. Staggeringly he took 4 more rides placing 2nd, 2nd, & a dramatic win in the third , in his last ride he got pushed back into last place in the first lap & pulled out. After all his rides you could see how it hurt – you don’t go back to the pit using the throttle left handed if your right hand/arm/shoulder works ok do you? Oh that exclusion for Woffinden – if you see the crash it’s obvious Woffinden punted Gollob from behind – good call by the Ref.

For what my opinion is worth, he deserves the Championship for that display of determination & guts, it’s what marks Champions, they really want it. He only has to get 6 points in two Saturdays time to have won the even if the closest challenger,  Jaroslav Hampel wins all his heats, his Semi & the Final. As Hampel is Polish & Torun the the last of this years GP’s venue is in Poland anything could happen!

I’ve just watched some coverage of a British Superbike Championship Round from Assen on Saturday, same thing, Alex Lowes went for a gap to pass Shane Byrne that didn’t exist & put Byrne tumbling across the gravel. Although Lowes ‘won’ the race, the Steward excluded him for causing the accident. Again the right decision for a reckless manoeuvre.

See you soon: Frank

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