Todays [19th May] West Wilts H&H Results are posted! CORRECTION [20th May], Overall Winner was Matt Ridgway

Good evening all, delighted that todays  West Wilts H&H results have already been posted on the Club Website – & are copied here for completeness on this the Centre site!  stet, 20/05/13 The posted results at the West Wilts web-site have a serious error, as the headline now says Matt Ridgway was overall winner, & not Marcus Barnes. Apologies to Matt & Marcus for the error in the Provisional Results 

Congratulations to CofC Brian Shuttleworth & Secretary of the Meeting Tom Gerken on an event that many of you said was excellent. Good weather, not too hot, no dust in the field, & down in the woods plan B with a bridge wasn’t needed & the mud dried & was ‘tacky’ & hence grippy. Thanks to all the West Wilts helpers who had cleared up the track, & the main field had been regraded by 16:30hrs after you guys had all finished by, when,  14:15hrs? Great work too by Tom to have the Results published when I went to look at 21:00 hrs. Thanks also to all you Riders for supporting us, we appreciate it!

Good to see Paul Manning, but with a stick? [Hip replacement] & Andy Frost, but with crutches [ankle ligaments] Pleased to hear that Jane & Andy’s little one’s scans are all fine, six weeks to go before the little guy or gal joins the big wide world. Unfortunate that Tyson Maytom-Jones had rear brake failure during lap one & lost a lap replaceing the rear caliper with one cannibalized from Dave Nuttalls Bike. Delighted Richard Bishop overcame his fuelling problems to finish first in the TracknTrail Class even though he only did 8 laps, [& was the only entrant] to finish first, first you have to finish! Matt Ridgway was best Expert & I’d thought Charlie Frost had been circulating regularly & pretty quickly & he placed 2nd Expert.

Good to hear that the Red Cross had nothing to do all day, but I did notice they had an emergency before they left, one ambulance had to be jump started by the other. Just as well they had nothing to do.

See you all soon, oh it was pretty quick out there today, Marcus Barnes averaged 8minute laps, so that confirms conditions were good

Didn’t that Bacon & Egg Bap from Tims’ Tasty Treats go down well after everyone was flagged off?


ps I was at ACU Rugby yesterday, & my notes say that Clubs & Centres should soon be able to see basic details of all Competition LicenceTrials Registration Holders. As I was asked today why precisely, this information, isn’t currently  available to Event Organisers I was able to assure the Club Chairman who asked me, that it soon will be. Input the ACU Membership No, & Organisers should see name/Membership No/& current Licence(s)

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