Frome’s Wyndham Haines Centre Championship Trial Results! The winner was —

Evening all,

Marc Marquez oops sorry just been watching Moto GP! Todays winner was, step forward & take a bow, Becky Cook. In a low scoring trial, Becky dropped 10 in four sections, R/up Kurt Brain 11 in 5 sections, Colin Crease 12 in seven sections & Fred Adams 13 in six sections, so you can see how close it all was. Henry Pym & Trevor Ashford both lost no marks in Clubman Expert from Steve Watson. Tom Pike showed the Clubman class how best to do it, while Andy Chivers did the same for Novices. Martyn Wilmore went clean in the o40 ‘s while Dai Clothier had a dab to take the o50’s.

Pretty darn cold observing today for the 14 hardy souls, I know that Nipper Allen, Theresa Talbot, & Mark I think, Dave & Andrea Cottle, Andy Leahy, Phyllis & myself observed together with ? I didn’t see who else signed on but thanks to all of you, Team Crease for putting on the event & all you guys & girls for making it a close & hence exciting Championship Trial. Maybe Nipper was out of the wind right down at the far end of the venue? but the downside is it’s a long walk – he was last Observer back.

I wondered why Simon Prideaux had lost a front mudguard but I’m guessing that it was actually a BSSA  Timed Trial battle scar from last night

Roll on Scotland – Frank

ps Results available on the usual Page

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