Kingswoods First Summer Series Trial: Regs for 14th April. Mike Fears Master Dates List as at 25/02/13 Todays Wilts Border Salutation Novice Results

Kingswood have published their Regs for the first of there Summer Series, find it where you would expect?

Mike Fear has sent across that labour of love – a list of Observed Trials in Wessex, South Western & Western ACU Centres & AMCA. Here’s a link Mike Fears Master Dates List as at 25:02:13

Theresa has just mailed over todays Results.  A slight hiccup over getting the Yorkshires in the Oven. Only way to beat Yorkies in a Trial I reckon! They are in the usual place or just click here WBorder Salutation Novice 03:03:13  Anyway it wasn’t Rob Scott with best performance [Rob had two dabs in Section 6 on Lap 1, & a further dab in the same section on Lap 2.], nor was it Rob Hilton who just single dabbed 6 on both lap 1 & 2, but it was Martyn Wilmore on the Cub who went clean all day!


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