Thanks Dai, Terry Bunn Timed Trial Results, News from the Frosts. More people chatter! Trials Champ Tables

Hello all,

Everyone likes a pat on the back don’t they? WWMC had quite a number of visitors from Wales at the James Cup. I should guess Dai Collins & Gareth Davies were from furthest away so it was great to get the feedback from Dai via a comment that

“Thanks to Frank and all involved in yesterdays James`s Cup, a great job done under extreme conditions(normal down our way), a good hard days riding and well worth the travel , thanks again”

Thanks Dai, by the way one of our intrepid Observers wrote on his scorecard  “number 38 rode the brake” – I can confirm the squeak would certainly have failed a noise test!

Jerry Walters has sent over the Results of the other Centre Championship Event last Sunday the Terry Bunn Trophy  Timed Mudbath & I’ve posted the Results for you. I see Simon Prideaux was winner with Jason Hamblin R/up,  Tom Smith was best  Scrambler with Andy Scrivs R/up to him. I heard that Andy Scrivs wasn’t at his best two Sundays ago in the Island, when from the TMX Report, time was very tight, but it wasn’t injury or machine trouble, just the effects of a sociable evening on Saturday night.

Delighted to hear that Andy & Jane Frost are expecting a little girl around June time. I hope Jane hasn’t & won’t  suffer with any of that debilitating morning sickness stuff. Great News!

Managed to have a quick chat with Colin Bennett about nephew Ty Kellett & pleased to hear that you wouldn’t know he’d ever had that accident at the Beach Race.  I gather he’s a freelance, videoing & video editing  M-X type footage for amongst other Monster Energy which has seen him working out in the US of A amongst other places. So that’s more good news.

With his usual efficiency Pete Dury has updated his Trials Champ Tables after the James Cup & yu can find them in the usual place! Thanks Pete.

Off to Rugby on Saturday on your behalf together with Nick Steadman so if you’ve any bees in your bonnets let me know!



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