Todays Border Cup Championship Trial Results are available! Great to have a Trial to go to [!] & thanks to the Observers.

Theresa has just sent over the Border Cup Results: find them on the appropriate Page!

First time we’ve ever been to that venue & bearing in mind the diabolical weather we’ve had it was much drier than you might have thought.

When I was originally muttering about today, I forgot to mention it was good to see Steve Oram out & about taking a proprietorial interest in proceedings – it’s his land by the way. So thanks Steve!

Even though, as Steward I could move around, my fingers & toes really did get cold, so on your behalf I thank all the nine Observers for their stoic efforts in braving the cold.

Congratulations to Kurt Brain on his comfortable win on 2m/l from Lee Hassall on 7, Section 9 was toughened up for the Experts on laps 3 & 4, Kurt cleaned it twice, Becky was the only other clean it [just once] on her second attempt, if she’d not stopped the first time & cleaned it she would have been R/up to Kurt overall. Looks as if the Sections plotters got it about right though, as Mathew Hanney was best B on 12 & Andrew Humphris was best C on 17, all other classes were won on single figure scores.

On the way over we were thinking when the last Trial we’d been to was, it was the Frome Trial back in November! So good to be out & about again. Very bad news about David Payne though, his Dad told me he’s due to have his right elbow pinned today after shattering it in an accident at work on Thursday. I’m sure that’s going to mean a long recovery time & a lot of physio to get it working again. I’m sure everyone sends Dave their best wishes. I hope Victoria gets the Saunders 125 JotaGas in good time to get some practice in on it before the first Ladies Championship at North Berks in March, oh & Lewis is at Lackham Agricultural College these days

That’s it for the moment, I’d have had the Results posted an hour ago if the phone hadn’t rung so I had to advise a Dad about our Beckie Addey Trial next Sunday & then Dinner was ready  – see you all next week:  —-   Frank



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