Centre Errington Cup Trial – Results available now!

Hi everyone,

what a lovely day for todays West Wilts Trial at ‘Perrys’! I was quite surprised when I got outside around 09:00hrs to find there had been a frost, & quite a hard one too. Still we only had a few miles to & through Bath to get to the venue. I think the beautiful weather was prompted by Chris Kelly deciding to use the waterproof Observers Cards after hear in the forecasts on Thursday! Observers, yes thanks to all of you, I know it was cold out of the sun standing there for three hours or more. Today I’m  sure who they all were, Jon Milne, Ian Shuttleworth, Chris Kelly, Ian Nairn, Chloe Cross, Theresa Talbot, Colin Hassall, Chris Fear, Mike Fear, Nipper Allen, Stewart Jobbins & Phyllis from Section 1 to 12 in that order. Thanks to them all & Brian Shuttleworth CofC & Chris Kelly who was Sec. of Meeting A jolly good turnout of riders as well a little over 50 of you I think.

While I was watching Phyllis’ Section a couple of Mountain Bikers turned up, & guess what, it was Dave Cribb & Jordan who had come out for a ride, but you never forget what orange arrows are for & Dave knew there would be a Trial on, Sheena & Shannon were doing other things I gathered. The stream sections 3,4 & 5 looked to be challenging but do-able to me.

Results are now available thanks to  Chris who mailed them over a short while ago – You’ll find them on the Page

2012 Events: Results for Trials, Time Trials, Hare & Hounds, & Enduro

Now I’ve had a chance to skim over them, it looks as if Gary had a comfortable victory being 27 marks in front of R/up Ben with Lee a further couple back.

All class winners were into double figures though & I see on inspection Gary included a 5 in Section 11 & a 2 in Section 6, otherwise just the odd dab.

We’d still like more rider feedback on what Rules you would like to be observed on for the Wessex 2013  Championship Trials. so if you mail me the questionnaire your voice will have been heard – I’ve only had 10 preferences so far!

See you soon & I’ve more stuff to post for you later this evening or maybe tomorrow —–  Frank

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