Todays Kingswood’s Hawkesbury Trophy Results, West Wilts H&H today 30/09/12, Franks thoughts, the Results are likely to be available tomorrow & how to find the Venue for the WWMC Errington Cup Trial on 14/10/12

Hello guys [guys includes lady riders of course]

Results for the Hawkesbury Trophy Trial are now posted, on this the Centre & the Kingswood Club sites. We weren’t there I know but were the  outstanding rides George Marshman  [Youth B] Richard Elliott [o40] & Dave [Fry o50] who all lost 1 mark on their respective routes or was it Expert winner B Fry [sorry I can’t immediately be certain of your first name] on just 2 marks lost? As the Results for the Hawkesbury say “As always, many thanks to the riders for supporting this event and making it a success!”

We at WWMC, echo Kingswoods thanks to riders, & hope you’ve had a really good day. We were delighted to have a full line up, & you had 3 hours of track time on a drying course.  We’ve heard the grumbles & tried to take them on board, in the same way we’ve had to explain to some of you why we have asked you not to use power washers & specified that on the Regs. I’ve spent probably an hour today speaking to the landowners both during & after the event to help us to be able to ask for & hopefully be granted permission for you to ride at Farleigh again next year.

But I’m pleased to say many, no most, of you were smiling at the end. & thanked us for running, It does help make it all worthwhile for us Organisers. Another thing I’ve had my ear bent about is environmental mats, or lack of. I counted 5, 2 in the pit or refuelling area & 3 under the tasty Husabergs on the MidWest Racing stand! BTW the point of environmental mats is to help protect the ground from fuel & oil spillages from sloppy pit work & ye there were bike fuel tanks being overfilled, fuel cans being knocked over with them being capped so they just leaked straight onto the ground!

Course cutting & overtaking in the blue tape zone were other things raised with me.

The Clubs thanks  all the helpers we’ve had to get the event up & running for you.

Maybe you noticed when you signed on that Kay Gerken, our Club Secretary wasn’t sorting you all out? For once Kay couldn’t make it & Chris & Phyllis hope they were nearly as good! Likely overall winners, Dan Price had a big endo at the start of the first lap that put him out for the day & Tyson Maytom-Jones, I  also saw had retired for an unknown [to me] reason. So maybe Derek Baughan placed well?

Results:  Tom said to me that they probably won’t be posted until tomorrow as he has an airport run to do after he’d had packed up all his timing kit

Errington Cup: Mike Hann was in touch this evening about this WWMC Trial in a fortnights time. You can find the Regs & Entry Form on this website, but what I do want to tell you all as well as Mike & the rest of the Yeo Vale Club is how to get to our new venue.

The piece of land that we are intending to use is commonly known as ” Perry’s ” at Langridge, Bath, BA1 9BX

 We shall signpost it from the A420 Bristol to Chippenham road., but it can also be found coming in from the M4 by using the signs to Bath Racecourse or the Lansdown Park & Ride.
If arriving from central Bath you will need to go up Lansdown road for about 3 miles going past the M.O.D, Park & Ride, Blathwayt Pub, Bath Golf club and the Racecourse.
Hope this helps….   Frank

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