Frome’s Ron Jefferies Results are posted. Centre Trials Championship Thoughts?

Good evening all,

What a nice day over at Elmington Manor Farm today. Almost like summer!

Good to see Kevin Miller continuing his recuperation with his second ride since his hospitalization. I didn’t see many rides but Youth C newcomer Harry Love-Jones had a very competent clean ride on the yellow route on Phyllis’ section. Trial Winner Gary Marshman didn’t look at all comfortable on the expert route of that section going over that first log on the steep downhill bit, he got away with it but it was all a bit ‘iffy’ Some of the other experts made it look a lot easier!

Pretty good entry too 64 of you. I see in Mary’s Results that she has thanked all the observers (as well as the 64 of you) & I know you all thanked the Observers, but you only had to do that, what 4 or 5 times if I exclude Tom & Mary (who shouldn’t have to should they?). If I remember correctly they were Brian Valder, Colin Hassall, Phyllis, Nicola Golding & Bob Burt. Yes I know that it isn’t uncommon that you observe yourselves when you’re riding with a group of mates, or that one of you will pick up a board until the section queue has vanished before you move on, but as some of you said to me, it does slow things down a bit.

I’m more bothered about Championship Rounds, really we shouldn’t have to make the best of a bad job & not have all sections manned, & I’m sure you would all prefer to ride with independent observers of your efforts – even if you maybe question the Observers decision sometimes!

I’ve got quite a few more thoughts about the Centre Championships that I’ll either add to this post later this evening, or amplify during the week separately. I’ve been delegated to seek your opinions (Riders & Organisers) about next years (2013) Centre Championship to help the Board decide whether to run Stop Permitted or No Stop. Simple enough to do via an email survey/questionnaire to you all.

Watch this space: Frank

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