Goodness, ‘we wuz hacked’, Colin Stenner TT Results posted in Results Page, SSDT,

Hello all: yes its true, had a call this morning from our ‘hosting provider’ to say the site was hacked over the weekend some time. We were redirected to something by  ‘PakCyberPyrates’. All was backup & running by 12:00hrs – excellent proactive service from Clive.

Had anyone noticed? You would have known if you had visited, & I hadn’t posted anything since Thursday – so I hadn’t seen it either.

Still several things I have to bring you up to date with.

First, as they say, it has been brought to my attention that some of you have not been finding where Regs available & Results can be downloaded from easily since I began putting the links IN THE POST whose heading alerted you to them. I am as from now reverting to putting them on the appropriate PAGE. I hope that helps you all.

It’s SSDT week already, apparently nice weather in Fort William yesterday according to Mairie Jenkins. Five clean sheets yesterday, Adam Norris is well up on the Leader Board [14th] having only dropped two. Jerry Cross is 89th O40 & Walter Luft is 77th in the same class. We hope all our ‘lads’ have a good week, I guess perhaps its only Fred Adams who can reasonably still be called a ‘lad’ as he’s still a teenager, He’ll be in that class next year as well. Fred is currently 137th on 42 m/l, Woody Hole is 33rd on 7,[good effort eh]  Scott Cameron is 44th on 13, Mark Cameron 139th on 43, Craig Talbot 146th on 44,  Tony Moulder 170th on 55, Jerry Cross 258 on 117 & Andy Frost 260th on 120 I’ll pick up on other placings for you later on in the week, I don’t see Joe Baker or Keelan Hancock, Keelans older brother Ross is 64th on 20 & Ricky Wiggins is 10th on just a dab. In the Ladies Becky is trailing Emma Bristow by  4 marks 25 to 21 with Katy 3rd on 46. The fourth Lady is Italian? judging by her name S Trentini on 89.

TBC: Frank

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