Trials Championship Tables after Round 2, Results of NSMSC’s Terry Bunn Centre Championship Timed Trial 12/02/12

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Pete Dury with his usual efficiency has updated the Points Tables after the James Cup, you can click here ChampTables as at 13/02/12 to see them as an Excel file.

The second No Stop Championship Trial? Certainly No Stop is proving a discussion point, the biggest probably being that their are National & World Championship events still running Stop Permitted. I’d suggest that No Stop favours the smoother riders & isn’t so good for ‘point & shoot’ riders?

I watched the Experts through Section 13 & it was cleanable, just the one clean on Laps 1 & 2, but two on Lap 3 – Gary was clean on each lap & Ricky had it worked out in the end going dab dab clean.

It seemed to me that a riders planning needs to get back to the precautionary principle dab or perhaps the long dabbing pivot turn to ensure you don’t stop in your  enthusiasm to clean the Section. So is it just a matter of getting your head to adjust how you ride sections? Time will tell.

Expert winner Ricky Wiggins lost 34 overall with 5 ‘fives’ & nine ‘dabs’ – but only Section 7 wasn’t cleaned but it was dabbed several times by Experts. So yes it was quite a high scoring Trial, but cleans were possible for all riders on all Routes & all riders had cleans on their scorecards when the Results were collated, so challenging yes, but too difficult no.

Here are the NSMSC’s Centre Championship Terry Bunn Timed Trial Results from Jerry Walters, click here NSMC Terry Bunn TT Results 12/2/12

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