Results of the First No Stop Centre Championship Trial – the Avery Cup

Hi guys,

Here are todays results taken off the Kingswood MCC site Avery Results for 2012

We hope you all had a good day out. Looks as if Gary Marshman has started this new fangled NoStop lark how he finished last seasons old style Stop Permitted Championship – on top with just 4 marks lost. Colin Crease had a relatively bad day with stops in Sections 7 & 11 allowing Kevin Hart the runner up spot on the day with just 9 marks lost.

At the other end of the scale – Youth D class Austin Bartlett topped the entry with 41 m/l, Harry Ridgway was R/up on 75 & Harvey Gilvear was 3rd with 113 m/l. One of these guys was riding his very first trial on a little electric Oset, Harvey I guess? Hope he has along enjoyable time riding in  competition.

It’s bedtime! See you all at the James Cup in a fortnight I hope. Frank


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