This is what you want to see?? NSMSC’s Presidents Trophy Results are posted

Right, we’ve just received the provisional results of yesterdays Trial. Its posted as a .pdf on the Centre Championship Trials & Timed Trials Page

The Experts were very close: Current Champion Colin Crease won on 9m/l, pushing Gary Marshman [12m/l] into R/Up place, Kurt Brain pushed very hard but dropped 13m to be 3rd, & Ben Lovelace fived the last Section to lose 17 in total for his 4th place. As last week we’ll leave Pete Dury to do his magic with all the Champ Tables for you & I’ll post them when we have them

Quite a day, quite a championship battle. My quick back of a fag packet calculation makes Gary our Expert champion this year , as now I believe his points total cannot be bettered by any of the other runners. He would also add any points he may take from riding the Knut, as he wouldn’t’t have to discard any.

Gary was our Centre Champion once before decades ago, back in 1990


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