Wow: The Trials Expert Class: it’s getting tight at the top! Results for todays Trial are posted.

I shan’t usurp Pete Dury producing his updated Champ Tables,   but I think Ben’s win today means that Gary will be kept on his toes for the last two rounds [North Somersets Presidents next weekend] & the Bath & WoE’s Knut Trophy Trial at Dyrham Woods on 11th December whichiRegs will be posted by tomorrow sometime if I don’t get them up this evening.

Gary has an advantage that may stymie Ben in the end as he has ridden one more Round than Gary so Ben will have to drop one score, provided that he does score points in both forthcoming Championship Trial . Gary on the other hand  has only ridden 6 Rounds so he will not need to discard any points he’s scored.

Keep watching this Space,  You know what happened last year at the last Round, Steve Saunders played his Joker  & took the 15 points on offer to the Winner.  So Steve effectively decided our Championship  ———–   Frank

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