Well I’ve been busy busy!

Those things I said I had to tell you about! There have been working parties at Farleigh on Wednesday Friday & Saturday & the Event yesterday. Afterwards we had been invited round to Clive for Dinner which was very welcome, then I checked the Results for our [WWMC] event were up – they were when I looked around 10:00pm & I also found there were several notes I need to draw your attention that came in on Sunday evening. Now I’ve got my own essential admin up to date I can make a start.

FROME CLUB DINNER Put this one in your Diary , Mary says 

“Hi Frank

Just to let you know our dinner dance will be on Saturday December 03rd at the usual venue at Frome Market, tickets are £18 (a real bargain). Could you put an entry in the gazette for me please. Any one interested please contact me on 01761 435035.

Many thanks”

Only £18:00? That is a bargain, isn’t it the Club is certainly paying you back for your support of their Events at that price, I should ring Mary now.

Now to videos: Fraser Dickin has some footage of the Hawkesbury & says:

I was testing out a helmet-mounted video camera (which is very similar, if not identical, to the one Chris Wrigley has) at today’s trial. I edited and uploaded some footage of me doing the yellow route sections which I’ve put here:
The reason I started at section 8 including some footage of “the off” is here:

I mentioned our International Lady Rider:

You can watch her here:

Trial 3 jours de l'Ardèche 2011 Trial 3 jours de l’Ardèche 2011

About this video:
“Cette première édition a été un vrai réussite sur tous les aspects : Organisation, interzone, tracé des zones, repas !!!”

Frank says: As one of the “bof “brigade I rather liked the background music, can anyone tell me who/what it is?

& in just a moment I’ll have posted the NSMSC Ivan Manning Trophy TT results from 25th September

Further stuff follows in a separate post: Frank

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