Inter Centre Team Trial, Ross T. hangs up his Boots, Shelly R. takes over his entry, North Somerset TattooTime Results

Hi everyone, several new things to tell you about.

The Youth team for the Inter Centre Team Trial [ICTT], managed by Theresa Talbot consists of Gareth Talbot, Josh Golding, Ollie Humphris, Tom Culliford and Victoria Payne. All are representing the Centre for the first time except for Josh Golding, I’m not expecting them to challenge for victory, but congratulate them all on being selected & hope they have an enjoyable event!

Had a mail from the former Ross Thurlow the other day I should share with you, —  “Hi Frank, its Ross Thurlow or rather it ‘was’ Ross Thurlow! I have some news for you which will make interesting reading in the Gazette. I have been troubled by an inner conflict for many years and finally I have taken the necessary steps to resolve this. I have been diagnosed with ‘late onset gender dysphoria’ which basically means I am a woman trapped in a mans body. I am having hormone treatment at the London gender identity clinic and am in transition to becoming a full physical woman. As a condition of my treatment by the NHS I am required to live, work and play 100% full time as a woman and as such I have now changed my name by deed poll to Shelly Redworth. I have an ACU competition licence in this new name and intend to ride competitions in my new role. As a result of the hormones I am losing muscle mass and thus strength so I am finding it impossible to ride at my previous level so I will probably ride ‘over 40’ I feel that I should let the local trials community know the score as obviously for me this is a stressfull time and I would rather have people know the facts rather than hearsay and gossip! Kind regards Shelly.”

Frank says, “Welcome Shelly, we look forward to having you around the Trials scene, the blokes had better mind their  p’s & q’s when Shelly & our other ladies are around!”

More on the ICTT – our Sidecar team is No. 126 Jon Tuck/Matt Sparkes, 127 Steve Radford/Mike Redstone, 128 Dave Tuck/Steve Chandler & 129 Andy Scrivens/Martin Lawford, Providing they get there intact & all finish they will be strong contenders – it would be great if they can pull it off

Finally this afternoon, we’ve posted the North Somerset TattoTime Timed Trial Results courtesy Jerry Walters

The decorating is progressing, slowly, at least I’m not inside wanting to be outside in the sunshine, as it’s still cold, wet & miserable where we are — Frank

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