Glenis Sinclair TTrial Results etc

Hi all,

Summers back again, wow today was a scorcher wasn’t it.

Thanks to Jan Watkins we’ve added the Results of the BSSA 2hour Timed Trial.

There’s more stuff to upload – the Tuck/Cross S/car National Results from last Sunday, John & Matt won btw, the Regs etc for Kingswoods H&H Enduro on 31st July & their 2day Social Trial on 2nd & 3rd of July – but its past my cocoa time & its an early start tomorrow for the West Wilts Working Party at Naish Hill for our Hare & Hounds & Sundays going to be a long busy day as Scrutineering starts at 09:30hrs.

If you want a ride, get in touch with Kay Gerken as we’re accepting entries on the day unless or until the Entry is full.

See you Sunday I hope: btw congrats to Aran Poolman on being selected for the ISDE Trophy Team for Finland – Frank

ps We hear the TT Mountain Course was closed for several hours today as a result of a Practice crash – heres hoping it wasn’t serious but I fear the worst just from the time the Course was closed. Dangerous stuff Road Racing in my opinion

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