Jack Ball Trophy Results, todays Traders results awaited

Amazing, so it can be done! The Valers had every section covered with observers, leaving a number of regulars able to walk round & see all the Sections. In spite of the venue change to Lambs Lair the Valers laid on an excellent Championship Trial of 3 laps of 15 sections. It’s been so dry that there was a lot of dust up at the top of the venue. Bob Burt drew the Observers short straw of the furthest away section, the stream right at the bottom, but it looked as if it was cleanable on all routes all day. When I got there Dave Best seemed to have succeeded in felling half a tree Dave was fine the tree was secondhand!. Next section coming back saw Shaun Sweeting being spat off the back as the bike came back up & over. The rocks are very unforgiving to fall onto! Sounds like a very hard trial? Well yes we saw some spectacular looking offs but no serious damage to men or machines. Now I can tell you Chris Mitchard lost his seat & rear mudguard at his first section. Champion Colin Crease, & I write before having seen the Results, may have lost the Trial by fiving Theresa Talbots section on the first lap by not firing it up the rock step on his first visit, when I watched him on his last lap, he just wheelied over the step & all the way to the exit to make sure. Favourite for winner is Gary Marshman probably something like 15 m/l to Colin’s maybe 18. Ben Darch was absent, I guess the finger isn’t right yet.

Good to see Colins brother Paul with wife Karen & their two girls were up for the weekend. Stuart Simpson was walking round nursing a plastered arm/wrist thanks to a practice accident – ruined the planned holiday in Dominica starting next week too. Rich Taylor was limping with a calf injury so it seemed easier for him to ride than walk! Jason Attwell was off colour & was telling us that his son has/is suffering with leukemia & that the chemotherapy has given him a lot of unwanted side effects. But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, I had a little chat with Craig Bond who I was aware has had the same thing, but is back riding, still putting in useful rides on the Expert route, although he tells me he still having treatments. People are wonderfully resilient aren’t they! All you can say is get well soon guys.

Oh & if you are off to Scotland next week watch out for Becky Cook in the paddock, I hear she’s got a different pair of Oakley shades for each day.

And we’ve posted last weeks Jack Ball Timed Trial results for you as well.

We’ll see you around & about: Frank

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