Revised Results for James Cup, Latest Centre Trials Champ. Tables after the first 3 rounds.

Good evening  to all.

Revised results are now posted for the James Cup. The changes relate to Youth A & Youth B classes, Luke & Josh Golding got confused by the results team, & Oliver Humphris was “forgotten” altogether during the spreadsheet manipulation. That is now corrected & apologies to all three of you for the errors!

Pete Dury has updated the Champ Tables, & comments

2011 Wessex Championship update after Round 3 – The James Cup on Sunday 13th February.

Ben Darch has taken over as Championship leader with a 3 point lead over Kurt Brain with Lee Hassall in 3rd place.

Kevin Hart has a healthy lead in the Clubman Expert Class while Kevin Millar has a 2 point lead over Ant Millar in the Clubman class.

Merv Walker made it 3 wins in a row in the Novice class to take a massive 13 point lead after only 3 rounds.

In the nearly old guys class Mark Talbot holds a 2 point over Colin Bennett and in the really old guys class Steve Hodge holds a slender lead over Brian Shuttlewoth.

As always, please let me know if you spot any mistakes or errors.

Cheers: Pete  [I’ve emboldened the Petes description of the entrants to the O40 & O50 classes – I don’t want to think about how Pete might describe me! What does Methuselah mean?

& Pete asks: Anyone got a tidy 125cc for under a grand?

You did realise that Pete includes the Championship Dates under the “Dates” tab in the workbook didn’t you? I mentioned  in an earlier Post that the Fixture card was missing a couple of asterisks  [they denote Centre Champ Rounds] so Pete’s list is the ‘gospel’ but as always dates can & do change for various reasons during the year so always check! Here endeth that lesson.

I hear that there will certainly be some people –  eg Joanne Coles – with an SSDT Entry who won’t take it up so we expect some people on the Reserve List to be in. So among those well known to us Scott & Mark Cameron, Ricky Wiggins & Craig Talbot might yet be there. Also heard that Craig’s scaphoid hasn’t healed properly & is going to be pinned. Oh dear!

Tony Moulder struggled a bit at the James Cup, but he had time to tell Phyllis that yes he did hear me holler at him – it was intended to be encouragement! – at Roys Rocks in last years Scott Trial but by then the fatigue had set in & nothing made a lot of difference! But at least it registered that someone was on his side.

That’s it for the moment: Frank

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